Privacy Policy

Mulvihill Consulting, Inc. (David Mulvihill, CEO), acting as “Agent”, agrees to be bound by any existing Privacy Policy that the client or client’s company may have in place. In addition, Mulvihill Consulting will not disclose nonpublic personal or proprietary information about you, your company, or your client to any non-affiliated third parties (individuals or companies).
As a current customer, in accordance with our “Agency Relationship”, we share the importance of the privacy and confidentiality of personal information (both yours and your clients).
In performing the services of our contract with you, Mulvihill Consulting may gather or review nonpublic personal business information. This may include information we gather directly from you or your clients (i.e. reports, returns, income, assets, taxes, credit documentation, business practices, etc.) or information you may gather from third parties with the authorization of your clients. As stated above, we will not disclose any nonpublic personal information about you, your business or your clients to any non-affiliated third party. As your agent, initial documentation received and reports developed during the analysis of that documentation will only be discussed with or delivered to you or your authorized personnel.
We further restrict access and guard nonpublic personal information about you and your clients by maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations.
Since we do not disclose nonpublic personal information about you or your client to non-affiliated third parties, standard “opt out” provisions are not necessary. All clients are opted out from disclosure to non-affiliated third parties.
Mulvihill Consulting, Inc. values you and your business, and look forward to a continuing relationship with you. Mulvihill Consulting, Inc. wants to earn your partnership and provide you with the tools that will assist you and your clients in improving your business and its success.


David W Mulvihill

CEO, Mulvihill Consulting, Inc.

(949) 226 -1646